The eFA Cup Final will kick off Sunday June 7th 22:00.

The eFA cup Final must be streamed live & include pre & post match interviews from the managers. The eFA will invite the finalists to a party 1 hour before kick-off were both managers will be expected to wear headsets throughout the live stream & the stream will commence then which allow time for viewers to congregate as well pre match interviews and the rest. Participants unable to fulfil these terms & conditions will lose out on all revenue earned from the Final.

A draw will result in extra time being played and then penalties if needs be. The Finalist losers will receive £18,00, winner will receive £36,00

Fifth Round Proper winners (8) £3,60
Quarter-Final winners (4) £7,20
Semi-Final winners (2) £18,00
Semi-Final losers (2) £9,00
Final runners-up (1) £18,00
Final winners (1) £36,00

Amounts are per club in each round. Numbers in brackets represent the number of winning clubs per round

The eFA Cup 2019-2020