Jobs Roles @ PEP Jobs will be Banded A, B, C, & D. With A being the most important and most lucrative and D being the easiest and least Lucrative Jobs. The amount for each banding will be decided by the Pep committee and will be set for the whole season. there will be discretion for jobs that reside between banding. All decisions will be made by the committee with the president having final say.

Our Roles: The six different areas of jobs are


Categories: We have four categories within each of our roles

20-18 #pepcedes

16-12 #pepcedes

10-6 #pepcedes

2-4 #pepcedes



Job Vacancies

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Our Terms & Conditions

In order to acquire #pepcedes, participating clubs can either have a job within the pep infrastructure or buy them from The PEP EXCHANGE who will convert your fiat currency into #pepcedes at the current rate of 2.2#pepcedes to the pound. Clubs can also buy them from the “waves lite app” in exchange for another crypto currency.  

Jobs will be Banded A, B, C, and D. With A being the most lucrative and D being the easiest and least Lucrative Jobs.
These payments are issued monthly.

Please be aware that payment for jobs will only be received in full once the committee declare the job has been carried out to a competent standard and all requests of each customer be it a club or the Pep have been met. If for some reason the Jobs are not done to the required standard and or the job has to be completed by another party other than the party originally contracted to complete the job, the Pep reserves the right to withhold partial or full payment from the original contractor.

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CS (Club Size)

SOA (Squad Overall Average)

TP (Team Performance)



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