eFA Membership Agreement

Read The Rules

1. Twitter

1.0. All clubs must have the Official eFA Emblem in their Banner on Twitter

1.1. All clubs must have the eFA Youtube link in the description box of their official club Twitter page

1.2. All clubs must have the following in the description box of their official twitter page "Home to the official eFA club ( insert Club Name)

1.3. Clubs must "like" all tweets from the @TheeFAOfficial Twitter account that contains the #eFAOfficialNews within 7 days of publication. This will ensure you are up to date and informed at all times thus if this rule is found to have not been observed by any club then a 4.4#pepcedes penalty shall apply. This does not include retweets

1.4. All eFA clubs must follow one another

2. Deals, Player Signings & Transfers

2.0. Going back on deals is strictly prohibited. Once a deal is agreed & tweeted by either club concerned that deal is binding. If any club wishes to reverse a deal with a LEGITIMATE reason they must now go through the eFA to find a course of action if any.

2.1. All deals must be tweeted by one of the trading teams specifying where the players concerned have gone to and from and what it was in exchange of followed by #pepdeals. This tweet must also include a link to your webpage displaying your updated squad confirming the transaction, not doing so will mean a void registration. Clubs must also Tweet their own deals. Any club not involved in a deal is prohibited from tweeting that deal. It must be done by the clubs concerned and must come from their Twitter handles in order to be valid. @TheeFAOfficial must be included in transfer tweets, the transfer isn’t ratified until the eFA retweet’s it

2.2. First refusal deal must be fully stipulated on the tweeted deal in order to be ratified.

2.3. You can offer any of your players to the bank for #pepcedes so long as your club is not eFA owned, if the bank is interested the bank will accept the offer and pay you 50% of that players Master League value.

2.4. Any player who is released from a club without trade or sale must still be documented on twitter with the following "#pepdeals" in the tweet. Not doing so will incur a fine of 8.8#pep-cedes

2.5. Clubs must pay for players acquired in deals within one month of deal validation. A deal is said to be valid once the eFA have liked and retweeted it from the official eFA twitter account. The penalty for violating this rule is 200% of the player fee with 50% allocated to the bank. The remaining 150% is sent to the manager owed. For example if the player fee agreed is £10, the penalty will be £20 with £5 going to the bank and £15 to the player owed.

2.6. Player contracts will last from transfer window to transfer window. These contracts mean a players cannot be signed free, bought, or exchanged outside of a transfer window. In the case of a free player being wanted by a club during a transfer window the club concerned must tweet the free transfer and specify it will go through during the next transfer window, however the player concerned cannot play for the club until the transfer window opens. Clubs are welcome to register them in their team but they must be aware this player will take up a squad place and will still not be ineligible to play until the next window arrives.

2.7. This year the transfer window will stay open until 23:59 10/12/20 at which time it will close. It will open again at the mid point of games i.e week 10 for another 2 weeks then close again until week 20 by which time it will remain open until the end of the season.

2.8. All clubs are allowed to loan players to each other at a cap of three players max for the season to any 1 team. The loan can be terminated at any point by the club in ownership of the player and any compensation is between the two parties involved.

2.9. A loaned players wages are still the responsibility of the club receiving the loan unless agreed by otherwise by both clubs.*.

2.9.1. In the case of both clubs agreeing that the loaned player wages are payed by the club in receipt of the loan, eFA bank must be informed in order to amend records other wise the payment of the player will revert to the responsibility of the team in ownership.

2.9.2. Once a player is sold with a publicised buy back option they cannot be bought back by the club who inserted this option the same season. Any Buy back will be applicable for the next season. Once someone is sold with a buy back option they cannot be sold to another team apart from the team with the stated buy back clause which may be activated the next season.

2.9.3. A club selling a player who has a non transferable ban can receive cash or #pepcedes for this player however a 22 #pepcedes tax is applied in this case to acknowledge the sale of a band player. If the banned non transferable player is swapped for another player , the incoming player will instantly become banned mirroring the player leaving. This can be avoided by paying the EFA 500 #pepcedes

3. eFA Game Day Procedure And Conduct

Fixtures are drawn before the league season and posted online so everyone will be able to know what game they have week to week. Fixtures only relate to the game week, the time and date of the related fixture is on the home team.

3.0. Game weeks start on Thursdays and run all the way through to Wednesdays. eFA teams can choose any day between those said days to play their match.

3.0.1. In the Guzzem (league 2) a game week stretches to the duration of 2 weeks, starts on Thursdays and run all the way through to the second Wednesday. Guzzem clubs must complete a minimum of 1 eFA fixture within this allocated slot and complete 2 league fixtures in the said game week should they choose to do so.

3.1. Home clubs must contact their opponent at the beginning of a game week (IE latest, the first day of the game week at 9pm) to decide what day that week their game will be played, if this is not done home match conditions revert to the away if they so choose and a 8.8#pepcedes fine will be metered out to the offender.

3.2. Once agreed, the time & date for the fixture must be tweeted by the home team. This tweet must include #eFAgameday. Only when the Tweet is “Liked” by opponent & retweeted by @TheeFAOfficial will it be considered an official eFA game.​ After this point clubs will be charged a small admin fee of 4.4#pepcedes for ammendments due to changes of plan

3.3. If an away team remains uncontactable for the first 3 days of a game week, and the home team can prove they have used all avenues to contact the opposition the away side will be dealt with a fine of 90#pepcedes.

3.4. This season Missed games will result in a 200#Pepcedes penalty charge for the team at fault unless they have already been given special dispensation by the eFA or both clubs have agreed to a different date. In the case both teams agree a different game day the eFA must be informed before the the original date expiration or else both teams will receive a 100#pepcedes fine and have to replay the game in the next game week with the same rules applying.

3.5. If a club misses a game but manages to agree with the team not at fault to replay them the home team status reverts to the team not at fault if they aren't already & the club at fault will be issued an 120#pepcedes penalty charge.

3.6. Each time a club misses a fixture the penalty charge will be doubled

3.6.1. Lateness for any given game day will not be tolerated. Anything at or over 10 minutes will be considered late and will carry a 1.1#pepcedes fine. Any lateness of 15 minutes will carry a 4.4#pepcedes. From 20 minutes and after it is a flat 11#pepcedes fine. A club who is more Than 30 mins late will deem the match day void and be liable for a 22#pepcedes fine. If a club has a reasonable excuse for lateness then the eFA can take that into consideration. It must be stressed that this shall only apply if the eFA are made aware of lateness before kick off times.

3.6.2. All clubs must tweet at least 30 mins before kickoff informing opponent of the 23 man squad selected for the match. If your team is to be powered by the CPU this tweet should include tactics, formation and any other instructions you'd like your players to follow. This tweet should include the hashtag #eFAgameday and an additional hashtag #eFALegendary or #eFASuperstar if you're employing the CPU. Violation of this rule will result in a 8.8#pepcedes penalty charge.

3.6.3. When two teams are using legendary cpu. Both teams must be on coach mode. In the instance that neither side can host the match due to only having one working PSN account, the game will be hosted by the EFA

3.7. Club will be responsible for checking their opponents match day 23 for illegal players, no dispensation for replays will be given should illegal players that you failed to spot in the match day 23 be fielded against you however a 22 #pepcedes fraud charge will be issued to offending club. Any player found to be playing games when injured ie on the injured list will face a 3 game ban.

3.7.1. If a club is caught using academy players that aren’t part of the 32 man squad it will now be punishable as a “fraud” (22 #pepcedes) offence with the exception of Gold Cup games.

3.7.2. It is the responsibility of eFA clubs to insure that their club injury list is accurate not ours, managers must update us if needs be.

3.7.3. Clubs will receive 10#pepcedes for every game they choose to broadcast live provided no lag bars show up during the stream. Managers must perform both post & pre match commentary on the stream to be eligible for payment.

3.8. Yellow Cards: A player who amasses 4 yellow cards during the pep League season will have a 1 game ban. 8 yellow card will result in a 2 game ban. 2 yellow in 1 game resulting in a red will also give the player concerned a 1 game ban. A straight red card will result in a 3 game ban

3.8.1. Players suspended for playing whilst banned or injured will have those bans transferred if they are sold to other clubs, and the ban time is still in effect. However players band for pass support offences or “non in game offences” will not have their bans transferred to new clubs.

3.8.2. Clubs unable to field an 11 on game day will be permanently excluded from the eFA.

3.9. All clubs must complete pre and post match interviews to a standard acceptable by the eFA. ALL UPLOADS MUST BE SET ON “PRIVATE” THE EFA WILL DECIDE IF THE VIDEO IS MADE PUBLIC. Clubs must cover a minimum of 10 of their 18 games not doing so will result in loosing all season cash earnings. These interviews must be recorded before the end of the game week which ends every Wednesday. Not doing so will result in a 11#pepcedes fine and will mean the video will not go towards the clubs total or their end of season minimum quota.

4. Pro Evolution Soccer

4.0. All games must be set to 10 minute matches allowing 3 substitutions per side max. No extra time, no post 90 minute penalties.

4.1. Home teams gets to decide match conditions - i.e conditions of the pitch, weather, time of day, ball type, game speed etc Home team also decides wether headsets can be in use etc

4.1.2. Teams are not permitted to use penalty assist when taking spot kicks in official eFA matches.

If this rule is found to have been violated the opposition manager will be given the option to demand a rematch in which case the game must be replayed.

4.2. As of this season eFA games played on PES must be set to PASS SUPPORT 0. Anyone caught using pass support will receive a fine of 300#pepcedes and their top 3 players according to overall will be handed a 1 year suspension. Only those on the "Gamer" tier are exempt from this rule and retain the option of using PASS SUPPORT 1.

4.3. In order for a lag dispute to be raised about a game, clubs must prove that they had attempted to communicate in game, during the game concerned regarding the lag. The in game messaging service (available by pressing R3 in game during breaks in play) is the only form of communication the EFA will deem admissible evidence. No communication in game. No opportunity to dispute lag. Note: If there is no visual evidence of lag no club is obliged to stop play to communicate with the other.

4.4. In a game where one team wants to dispute the final result due to "lag" the Committee must view the match footage to verify whether or not lag bars appear, if lag bars are evident in the footage the Committee will pass a ruling in favour of the club with the strongest internet connection after speed tests. Note: No lag bars, no case!

4.5. Clubs that win lag disputes will have to pay an 11#pepcedes administration cost in order for the replay to be sanctioned. Note: If lag bars appear after you go behind clubs will need to pay a 22#pepcedes administration fee in order for the replay to be sanctioned unless you had communicated with your opponent in game about the connection before this point.

4.5.1. In games displaying lag bars the club with the weakest internet after eFA speed tests are performed will be charged 5#pepcedes

4.6. A result is final once both managers have completed their post match interviews. The eFA will not entertain any dispute thereafter

4.7. Any team found to be quitting a game purposely and or without consent of the opposition will loose that game 3-0 and be fined 33#pepcedes

4.7.1. 4.7.1. A club employing the CPU at legendary level on match day will be awarded a 3-0 victory if the opponent has not yet been able unlock legendary

4.7.2 Pressing the "skip" button is not permitted beyond the match loading screen. Once teams have been selected ready for kick off, all scenes (player entrances from tunnel, substitutions, action replays of fouls, goals, missed chances etc) must be allowed to play out. Violation of this rule will result in a 8.8#pepcedes fine. IF NO TEAM OWNS UP TO THE SKIP OFFENSE BOTH CLUBS RECEIVE 4.4#pepcedes fine

4.8. All games must be recorded and uploaded by the home team to the eFA youtube a minimum of 24 hrs after the game concerned in the fixture, not doing so will result in a 22#pepcedes fine. The away team can post it after the 24hrs and will be paid 12#pepcedes. If the game is not posted within 48 hours it will be voided. The full match footage including highlights and "match events" must be posted. The "match events" page can be accessed by clicking R1 after the game highlights have finished playing out. ALL UPLOADS MUST BE SET ON “PRIVATE” THE eFA WILL DECIDE IF THE VIDEO IS MADE PUBLIC.**

4.9. If another team uploads another teams footage the Uploading team gets the Views

4.9.1 Editing the ability of any player within the PES mainframe or database is strictly forbidden. This includes all statistics and player skill, abilities ,traits. Physical appearance. Ie Height ,weight, age etc. Editing boots and general cosmetic change is also prohibited as this inhibits the accuracy of updates hence changing players stats Positions changes within the mainframe are also forbidden but can be changed if a reasonable case for the change can be brought before the eFA. Violation of rule 4.9.1. will be considered fraud and thus will carry a 22#pepcedes penalty charge.

4.9.2. Random Livestream Request - RLR (Drug Test) is compulsory and we can request this at any time during season or out of season to check pass support & ensure players stats have not been tampered

5. General eFA league rules and regulations

Not applicable to debutant clubs - New clubs must complete a full season before their individual clubs size can be calculated Click here for further details

5.0. If a club fails to pay player wages on time all unpaid players will become "unhappy" and will leave the club should another manager offer the players master league value. The player/s with the highest overall will refuse to play for the offending club unless his wages are doubled and paid on the spot.

5.0.1. When a club has a top player unhappy. The successful negotiation of that unhappy players contract will result in the stabilisation of the squad as a whole. The transference of the unhappiness to the next player down is no longer applicable. Note: This does not apply when players are unhappy due to having not been paid (see rule 5.0).

5.0.2. When a big club approaches a player at a smaller club causing the player to force a move the the big club must now pay TRIPLE the PES Master League value. Note: This does not apply when players are unhappy due to having not been paid (see rule 5.0).

5.1. Should an eFA manager field a player that is refusing to play listed as "unhappy" it will result in the immediate termination of that players contract, the player will then become bank owned.

5.2. Should a club loose a player due to “player unhappiness” that club can NOT re sign that player for 3 seasons unless there is a change of manager at the club. (This does not apply to debutant clubs unless the player was lost to the bank due to moneys they owed rather than the player being unhappy).

5.3. A player with a overall rating higher than the CS (Club Size) of a pursuing club will NOT sign for that club unless the club is prepared to pay the player his demanded signing-on fees which will be the figure stated as his ANNUAL WAGE in master league (PES).

5.4. Remember to Include #eFASigningOnFees in tweets referring to payments made convincing a player to join your club or else the transaction will be void.

5.5. Tweets referring to payments made to keep players happy at your club must include #eFAPlayerHappiness or else the transaction will be void.

Click here for further details on Player Happiness


5.6. The leagues run continuously for 2 rounds. Ie each team will play each other twice over the year on the allotted game weeks

5.7. Promotion/Relegation - Winner of the "Guzzem" gains automatic promotion to the “PEP" whilst the club that finishes last in the PEP will be relegated to the Guzzem. The team that finishes 9th in the PEP league must beat the team that finishes 2nd in the Guzzem in a playoff to avoid being replace & relegated to the Guzzem.

5.8. In the event that there is a tie for 1st or any place between teams that cannot be split by points, then goal difference, goals scored/conceded or head to head will be taken into consideration in that order. a play off will commence to decide the 1st place if all of the above has been exhausted a clear first place hast been decided. This will be two legged and away goals will count.

5.8.1. Clubs gaining promotion from the Guzzem will still have to fulfil certain criteria before being admitted to the top League. Clubs with poor disciplinary track records run the risk of not gaining promotion even if they finish the season in promotion places. The EFA reserve the right to use discretion upon admission.

5.8.2. Clubs found to have more than the permitted 32 players in their first team squad cannot sell a player to get back in order if caught. The players to the amount overuse must be released. The club in subordinate must also face a 8.8 #pepcedes fine. Clubs who are in breach of this rule twice or more will face a 22#pepcedes fine and the loss of their MOST Valuable player according to PES Master league (privy to any prior loans or Locking buy back clauses by parent clubs)

5.9. Fraudsters will incur a penalty charge of 22#pepcedes - Examples of fraud:

Tweeting the signing of a player you have not paid for or are not legally permitted to sign.
illegally editing club data in the eFA calculator.

5.9.1. For Quality control Purposes. You are not permitted to upload live streams to the eFA YouTube without the use of commentary through a microphone. Uploads that do not meet the required standard (set by the eFA) will not count toward the teams views.

5.9.2. Clubs can now for the small fee of 30 #pepcedes per player, own the image rights of players they own. This would mean they and only they would be able to use/ exploit the image of the player concerned unless they had been given permission otherwise. ( the EFA still reserve the right to use the image of all players for promotional purposes.)

5.9.3. Finders Fee: Spot a rule violation, report the offence and the offender to the eFA president and you'll receive half of the penalty charge fee the eFA bank receives from the offender.

5.9.4. Once charged for an offence the offending club has a 7 day fix up window before he/she can be charged with the same offence.

5.9.5. Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated and furthermore threatening/ abusive behaviour will result in Instant removal

5.9.6. Public deformation/Slander of the EFA will result in instants dismissal. The EFA reserve the right to consider qualifications for this offence. Clubs must be aware that any and all grievances with the EFA must be presented in private messages. Not on any public forum.

5.9.7. All rules violations are met with a 4.4#pepcedes fine unless stated otherwise in the rules



5.9.6 Any club who do not correctly display kits and team emblems in game and or have teams in the wrong PEU number will incur a 22#pepcedes fine.
Kits for the eFA 2020-2021 Season Download from here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pMMqUuuRVSe9kDm06mCZCZP3UY0VpT0T?usp=sharing

5.9.7. All eFA clubs must have a “sponsor” visible on kit, mainstream brands are NOT permitted. The company should be your own or that of a friend or family member. Your chosen company will be advertised on our website on your club page & you should Include a link to your sponsors webpage in the description of all videos you upload to the eFA channel, not doing so will result in any gate fee cash award for that month being invalidated

5.9.8. Introducing another club into the EFA will increase club size by a potential total of 20. Clubs receive 10 when a new club they have introduced joins and another 10 if they remain to start a 2nd season. You’ll also receive 40#pepcedes finders fee in two instalments however if new club fails to make the 2nd season you must repay the 20#pepcedes and you will lose the 10 point increase on CS

6. Champions Gold Cup Rules

6.1. Games will take place over two legs using the away goals rule. In the case of a draw after two legs and counting away goals, then a 3rd match must be played. This third match will have home team decided by the toss of a coin by a non competing member of the committee. Penalties and extra time must be activated in this game

6.2. 2nd and 1st placed teams will be the home teams in the first leg against the 4th and 3rd teams respectively. return legs will swap home status

6.3. All matches must be set to evening games and be set to summer.

6.4. The final and 3rd place play offs must have Extra time and penalties activated

6.5. The final and 3rd place play offs will be played at a (neutral ground) To be decided by the committee

6.6. The final and 3rd place play offs will have home team decided by a toss of a coin by a non competing member of the Pep Committee

6.7. All other pep league rules apply

6.8. Legs must be played in separate game weeks. The final and 3rd place play off must also be played in the same game week after the 2 legged matches

6.9. These rules must be adhered to. Any match that does not follow these rules will be deemed void

6. General season costs and finances

6.1. In order to acquire #pepcedes, participating clubs can either have a job within the eFA infrastructure or buy them from The eFA EXCHANGE at the current rate of 2.2#pepcedes to the pound. Clubs can also buy them from the “waves lite app” in exchange for another crypto currency.

6.2. Jobs will be Banded A, B, C, and D. With A being the most lucrative and D being the easiest and least Lucrative Jobs.
These payments are issued monthly.

6.3. Please be aware that payment for jobs will only be received in full once the committee declare the job has been carried out to a competent standard and all requests of each customer be it a club or the eFA have been met. If for some reason the Jobs are not done to the required standard and or the job has to be completed by another party other than the party originally contracted to complete the job, the eFA reserves the right to withhold partial or full payment from the original contractor.

6.3.1 Any individual who is prematurely relieved of their duties as a committee member is neither permitted to resume this role or the role of president for the duration of an entire season.

6.4 Gate fees payments will be calculated monthly using the relevant data specific to your club and paid to you in cash. This will be tweeted by the eFA with in-depth breakdowns. Gate fee CASH must be collected within the month it is issued after that time the award is void. In order to claim gate fee cash you must tweet the official EFA Twitter with the #eFAgatefees attached

6.5 All Clubs must cover Wages for players who are registered in their 1st team on the start date of the eFA league. Payment of the years wages will be broken up into winter, spring and summer payments. Wages will be paid on the following dates of 2021. February last day of / May 31/ August 31. All proceeds go direct to the eFA Bank. During the season squads may change therefor each payment date Managers must review their squads to see if more or less should be paid on the next payment date than was paid on the previous payment date. Click the link below for eFA wage bill calculation tutorial:

6.6. Failure to pay wages will result in club size being affected. CS (Clubs size) will decrease in total by 10 for late payments. All clubs are responsible for Adjusting their wage bill according to their squad before each payment date. To be found not doing so correctly will result in a 8.8#pepcedes fine

6.7. Fines must be paid within 1 month of being issued, alternatively the bank takes a player of it’s choice from the owing club and pays the club any excess.

6.8. All bets on eFA matches must be placed in #pepcedes, gambling with cash is forbidden.

6.8.1. Once a club announces they are leaving the pep. All money transaction for players are suspended for that club

6.9. If a club leaves the eFA. All players sold for cash within 6 months of leaving must be refunded

7. Administration and documentation

7.0. Clubs who are found to have players registered their team that they do not own or have sold more than 24hrs prior to the discovery of a duplicate will be liable for a 8.8#pepcedes fine.

7.1. All eFA teams are allowed 32 squad players of any age and of any ability

7.2. Players already owned by a club but not in the game still take up a squad place

7.3. Clubs must ensure deals tweeted contain the correct spellings of player names, incorrect spellings or anything else that may cause confusion will result in 8.8#pepcedes penalty charge

7.4. Player names that are incorrectly entered without a photo may result in a void registration. Your players profile pics should be downloaded from https://sortitoutsi.net/search.

7.4.1. Released players should be placed under “free agents”*

7.5. Always ensure no more than ONE profile pic is stored in the eFA website for each of your players to avoid causing the site to slow down. Type players names in media section "search" to do checks.

8.7.3 All clubs must read & sign these rules. This along with the registration fee will confirm their participation in the eFA league 2020/21


CS (Club Size)

(Team Overall Player Average)

TP (Team Performance)



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