B GRADE

          Job Centre Plus: Alchemy Utd (1-man job) ~#12 

          • Identifies, creates, amend or remove jobs 
          • Advertise lists of current vacancies on the website
          • Report jobs that are not being done to standard
          • Liaise with committee
          • Help people find work through the services
          • Ensures appropriate job description in place


          C GRADE

          President: C. Hall ~#10 
          • Oversee the whole eFA
          • Final says on disputes
          • Chair meetings


          Vice President: A. Belam ~#10

          • Oversee the whole eFA
          • Deputise for President in their absence
          • Liaise with President and other eFA members


          eFA Committee Members: Zebra R, CT Allstars, Alchemy Utd~#10

          • Attend scheduled meetings
          • Liaise with both President, vice and other eFA members



          eFA Mentor: Alchemy Utd (1-man job) ~#10

          • Ensure newcomers understand eFA rules & regulations
          • Provide a 24/7 support guidance to members in their first year of the eFA.
          • Provide general mentorship to members under 16 helping them develop life skills necessary to progress throughout school years and thereafter.


          PEP SHOP MANAGER: AVAILABLE (1-man job) ~#8

          • Responsible for the design of the shop on the website
          • Liaise with team sponsors
          • Liaise with the bank and social media managers to produce weekly offers/deals for the eFA and the public


          D GRADE



              Vacancies: Please click here to apply for any available positions