Player happiness explained:


S.A.O (Squad Average Overall)

e.g  88+81+83 = 252 divided by 3 = 84 therefore England S.A.O = 84

⚠️ Your S.A.O (Squad Average Overall) should not exceed your C.S (Club Size)

if it does the player in your squad possessing the highest overall rating will be deemed unhappy & as a result will put in a transfer request & refuse to play for you until the situation is resolved.

Resolution methods 
1.Negotiate new contract: 
Successfully negotiate a new contract with the player by including a one off #eFAsigningOnFees. The players stipulated annual wage demand in PES Master League is how much you’ll need to pay for the player to sign a new contract with your club, ( 3 million = £3 / multiply by 2.2 to get the #pepcedes cost)If this demand is met the situation is resolved & the player becomes available for #eFAgameday 23 selection again whilst his overall is then removed from the said clubs SAO.

2.Offer the player to the PEP bank:
If a transfer fee is agreed & a deal is struck the said players overall is removed from the said clubs SAO.

3.Offer the player to another manager in the PEP: 
If a deal is struck the players overall is removed from the said clubs SAO.

4. Increase your club size (CS):
Improving any of the following will increase your club size (C.S)
1. (T.P) = team performance or team placement in eFA competitions
2. Club popularity (gate receipts)
3. Internet speeds
Should you choose to increase your club size this will enable you to keep the player in question for the whole season however the player can not be used whilst he’s refusing to play. If the season concludes with your SAO still greater than yourC.Sthe said player will leave and be owned by the bank. 
5.9.8. Introducing another club into the EFA will increase club size by a potential total of 20. Clubs receive 10 when a new club they have introduced joins and another 10 if they remain to start a 2nd season. You’ll also receive 40#pepcedes finders fee in two instalments however if new club fails to make the 2nd season you must repay the 20#pepcedes and you will lose the 10 point increase on CS


👀 Note:you can also increase your C.S with “owner investment” click here for further details



Whilst your clubs SAO (Squad average overall) exceeds your C.S (club size) any bid from another club for a player of yours who’s overall exceeds your C.S (club size) MUST be accepted provided it’s a offer 3 times the players Master League value e.g, Gianluigi Buffon Master League value = £1,000,000 therefor the minimum offer acceptable in this scenario would be £3,000,000. The eFA bank gets half of the transfer fee whilst you’ll receive the other half. The bidding club must have a greater CS than it does SAO in order to bid triggering your players unhappiness.





5.0.1. When a club has a top player unhappy. The successful negotiation of that unhappy players contract will result in the stabilisation of the squad as a whole. The transference of the unhappiness to the next player down is no longer applicable. Note: This does not apply when players are unhappy due to having not been paid (see rule 5.0).

5.0.2. When a big club approaches a player at a smaller club causing the player to force a move the the big club must now pay TRIPLE the PES Master League value. Note: This does not apply when players are unhappy due to having not been paid (see rule 5.0).

5.3. Should a club loose a player due to “player unhappiness” that club can NOT re sign that player for 3 seasons unless there is a change of manager at the club.

5.4. A player with a overall rating higher than the CS (Club Size) of a pursuing club will NOT sign for that club unless the club is prepared to pay the player his demanded signing-on fees which will be the figure stated as his ANNUAL WAGE in master league (PES).

5.4.1. Remember to Include #eFASigningOnFees in tweets referring to payments made convincing a player to join your club or else the transaction will be void.

5.4.2. If a club fails to pay player wages on time all unpaid players will become “unhappy” and will leave the club should another manager offer the players master league value. The player/s with the highest overall will refuse to play for the offending club unless his wages are doubled and paid on the spot.

5.4.3. Tweets referring to payments made to keep players happy at your club must include #eFAPlayerHappiness or else the transaction will be void.

5.4.4. Should an eFA manager field a player that is refusing to play listed as “unhappy” it will result in the immediate termination of that players contract, the player will then become bank owned.


Not applicable to debutant clubs – New clubs must complete a full season before their individual club sizes can be calculated. Once your new CS (club size) is confirmed you’ll have a 28 day window before “player happiness” is applicable to your club.

👀 Note: Our official end of season date is always August 31st thus monthly gate fees is recorded until such time every season. We combine the recorded data from all seasons to calculate your T.P rating score and Gate fee average.