Club Size (CS) explained:

Increasing your club size (CS):
Improving any of the following will increase your club size (C.S)
1. (T.P) = team performance or team placement in eFA competitions
2. Club popularity (gate receipts)
3. Internet speeds
5.9.8. Introducing another club into the eFA will increase club size by a potential total of 20. Clubs receive 10 when a new club they have introduced joins and another 10 if they remain to start a 2nd season. You’ll also receive 40#pepcedes finders fee in two instalments however if new club fails to make the 2nd season you must repay the 20#pepcedes and you will lose the 10 point increase on CS


? Note: you can also increase your C.S with “owner investment” click here for further details


Not applicable to debutant clubs – New clubs must complete a full season before their individual club sizes can be calculated.

? Note: Our official end of season date is usually August 31st thus monthly gate fees is recorded until such time every season. We combine the recorded data from all seasons to calculate your T.P rating  and Gate fee average which in turn provides us with your C.S (Club Size)/Reputation (FM) score.