BANKER: Alchemy Utd (1-man job) ~#20 

  • Oversee PEP cedes account and liaise with Law enforcement
  • Responsible for all payments in and out of the bank
  • Manage payments to all clubs
  • Calculate how much money/cedes each club has amassed based on views, subscriptions etc 
  • Coverts fiat currency (cash) to #pepcedes
  • Police the amount of money going in and out of clubs
  • Ensure clubs pay monies on time and keep abreast of fines issued 
  • Inform eFA when clubs fail to pay fines on time 
  • Notify and document clubs charged for a rule violation and make sure they are no longer in breach of the said rule.
  • Must successfully get members to correct offensive behaviour within 7 days of them being charged for the rule violation
  • Ensure all conducts on twitter is appropriate 


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