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The eFA casts you in the role of Club Owner, Manager, Gamer, or all three—the choice is yours. Register today and use a 60 #pepcedes budget to create your 15-man, title-winning squad!

Want to Join The eFA?

  • Standard entry only £10 with potential earnings & winnings to the value of £1000 and over!!!!
  • The eFA is the place to buy and sell footballers for real money.
  • DISCOVER YOUR OWN TALENT!!! If you think you have the eye to discover the next Lionel Messi or Kylian Mbappe the eFA is the place to make it work for you. If no club or participating organisation has a player you know of applying their trade in “real life” you can register and own them free of charge!!!!
  • Build your own UNIQUE team with players you are free to buy and sell. No two clubs have the same player.
  • Be part of a genuine competitive online league
  • This is the online League for real football people.
  • Lag Cheating and other pitfalls that plague other online leagues and gameplay are regulated in the eFA


About The eFootball Association

To the beautiful game, we owe the lot. Football Gaming in the 21st Century is the gladiatorial battles of old. Be the general of your army as you enter the dualistic battle of good and evil. Which side are you on?

Football is the universal language and modern-day heroes wear an iconic number instantly recognisable from Accra to New Zealand. In a divisive world, sports unite and in Football we are all one we are United. Can you school your mentor? In this new world, esports connects us like never before.

In the eFA your social network is indeed your net worth! Join PEP built communities where the number of your age is less relevant than the number of the score. This is your club, this is your small business do you want to cash in on the star for money or win and get the glory.

The badge and shirt sponsor on the front of the shirt may be more important than the name on the back… however the username in the top left corner of the screen trumps both those combinations of numbers letters signs and symbols. Are you ready to play, can you manage… because the games never stop. This is PRO!


CS (Club Size)

SOA (Squad Overall Average)

TP (Team Performance)